Experience on your special day…..

Experience on your special day…..

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Experience on your special day.....

Narayani Heights

Narayani Heights

Winters in India are just lovely. The climate is cool and very comfortable, without the fear of sweat  trickling down your skin and destroying it all, everyone can look forward to enjoying the wedding without worrying about the heat.

For a winter wedding, your choices are not confined to dull marriage halls. You can opt to have a park, beach, or backyard wedding with nature as a colourful backdrop.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but the wedding takes place here on earth. So why not make it an exotic lifetime affair? Imagine exchanging vows with your beloved on your wedding day, dressed like royals against the romantic backdrop of the mesmerizing Narayani Heights.

Narayani Heights, awarded the prestigious “Best Wedding Destination in Ahmedabad”, makes for the ideal venue for a romantic wedding, with warm and excellent service, unique dining options and luxurious amenities.


Narayani Heights has 9 various function venues for your every special event of Wedding right from “Ganesh Sthapna” to “Vidai”. The Grand Ballroom [Approx 16000 Sq. Ft. of size with massive 21ft clear height] offers a grand welcome to you and your guests.  From spacious bridal quarters to customized ballroom halls, their resourceful, attentive and expert services ensure that your entire wedding experience is flawless.

The famous Narayani group known for its opulent properties, warm hospitality and beautiful ambience is your one stop solution whereby you get accommodation, resort and club amenities, catering, decorations and lawns all under one roof. The brand that defines grandiose and lavish extravagances will give you an unmatchable luxurious experience by hosting all your wedding party requirements. The plush lawns of Narayani Heights spread over an area of 50000 sq.ft. can accommodate up to 5000 people.

Narayani has to its credit the successful hosting of many parties and weddings. The plush lawns of Narayani have witnessed conventional wedding themes such as Flower, Crystal, Rajwadi ,Tajmahal, contemporary and modern themes.  Adding to the glory of these lawns is the catering service by Narayani. From luxurious gala menus to open barbeque buffet, the catering services are committed to serve you with mouth-watering gourmet delicacies in sync. with your theme and surroundings. Whether it’s a five course meal or a funky pre-wedding party.

The floral Narayani trends are blooming in a direction you are sure to love. Narayani has mastered the art of memorable music for every event of your wedding. Marriage is a time for sharing your affection, love and passion. Let us make your dream wedding real and grand.! A wedding day at the most elegant destination in Ahmedabad amidst natural beauty!

Narayani Heights promises to give you an unforgettable, spell-binding experience on your special day, with memories that will last for generations to come.

Enhance your special day with the crisp, refreshing air of winter and Narayani Heights hospitality.  Narayani Heights Wedding Experts are ready to offer assistance for a grand affair or an intimate gathering.

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